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It is extremely difficult to discover the floor covering that can equate to the opulent feel of carpet under your feet. The material ranges from simple to special, it depends on the customer as to how much his/her budget really is. To save some bucks or make the project economical, you can try carpeting the floor on your own. To start with, cover the subfloor with concrete to make the base stable for carpet installation.

  1. Measure the room first and get the material accordingly. After determining the length and breadth of the room, you can easily convert it into meters or sq. ft. Provide the same details to the distributor, they will convert the numbers into other units according to their system and let you know the exact price.

2. As discussed earlier, patch the subfloor with concrete to remove holes or any bumps from it. Use the self-leveling compound to level the floor base.

3. Place the tackless strips in the room, which are half inches away from the wall in all directions. Put the screws into each strip to fasten them on concrete. If required, cut the strips with the help of tin snips.

4. Pour some adhesive compound on the perimeter of your room so that it holds the carpet padding right after placing it. This padding will cover the entire room. With the duct tape, connect all seams together and don’t use flooring adhesive.

5. Now, lay the carpet into the room and check if there is a need to cut a strip from any side, which is extending beyond the length of the room. You can use a knife for cutting. Yes, you must remember that the strip cut should be straight.

6. Install the carpet into the room, putting the seams together and lining in the ends. If required, pour adhesive around the floor for better grip and hold. Use Steam iron to heat and join different sections of tape together.

7. Extend the carpet as far as possible with the hands, then make use of a knee kicker to pull it to the corners. Starting from one corner, fasten the knee into the carpet. Pull the carpet with hands while tapping the knee kicker with the knee. Continue this process until the corners of the carpet are attached to the tackles strips. Repeat the same steps for every corner of your room.

8. Chop extra carpet from the corners of the room or tuck underneath the tackless strips. Either install baseboard or trim the carpet to cover the gap over the corner of the room.


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