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Now, most of us already know well enough to keep the insides of our homes clean. And, that is good. But, what about the outside of your house? Is that not equally important enough? After all, the exteriors of your home are what give anyone that first and lasting impression.

Why should you pressure wash the exteriors of your home?

There are many things, which can grow, collect and otherwise deposit on the exteriors of your house. Moss and mildew can be some examples of unwanted growth. And, things like dirt, dust, debris, grease, and oil not only look really bad but are also harmful to the structure of your house. Mold and mildew, in particular, can even be harmful to your health as well. All these things can be very easily rid of by just pressure washing the exterior of your house.

But, what exactly is pressure washing?

Before we can discuss some tips and tricks for pressure washing, we must ask ourselves – what is pressure washing exactly? And the answer is that pressure washing is a special technique of washing that sprays high-pressure streams of water at a particular thing to clean it off any dirt, grease, grime, mold or mildew (and more). Pressure washing is not only easier but faster when compared to normal washing. It only takes a few minutes at maximum and is simple, too.

So, with that out of the way, let’s look at some

Tips and tricks for pressure washing:

Tip 1: Not everything can be pressure washed. Pressure washing works best for hard surfaces. This is because pressure washing can otherwise damage surfaces that are not strong enough to resist the high-pressure water streams. As a general rule – wood, bricks, and concrete are okay to pressure wash.

Tip 2: Do not stand too close to the surface you are pressure washing Lakeland and always maintain your distance.

Tip 3: Make sure that the pressure is never any higher than it needs to be otherwise it can damage your house or even hurt you.

Tip 4: Always wash from top to bottom as it will help to wash away any dirt in a much efficient manner. Because washing from bottom to top means that the dirt washing away from the top will come to the bottom anyway – making it kind of useless to work this way.

Tip 5: Similarly, wash your walls first before your porch. Because, again, the dirt from your walls will wash onto your porch. Therefore, it only makes sense to wash your porch after your walls.