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It would be very rare to find a house where no carpet is laid out on the floor. Every house has at least one big carpet, with some homes having the entire floor covered with carpet. There is no doubt that carpets are an essential accessory for your house, not just because it adds an aesthetic appeal, but it also gives you a comfortable surface to walk on.

Carpets receive many footfalls every day, which is why they need regular maintenance. Discover the answer to all your questions about carpet maintenance here!

The composition of carpets

Answering the question of why it is necessary to clean the carpet regularly is to look first at the composition of the carpet. It must be said that these accessories are essentially made of wool. Wool is an element that is well known to all, for its absorbent properties. In other words, carpets made of wool have the main characteristic of absorbing a good number of bacteria or even particles of dust.

These wools are usually found on most herds. In fact, to find wool, you just need to mow the sheepskin and treat it so that it can constitute a soft and silky carpet.

Nevertheless, there are certain rugs that escape this type of manufacturing. Indeed, most carpets available on the market are not essentially made of wool. Some are made of plastic or other materials resembling wool.

Whatever carpet you choose, it must be said that it tends to get dirty quickly. Indeed, carpets, when stored, tend to be used by a multitude of people in one day. It would be very difficult to estimate the number of people walking on the carpet that you have laid down on the floor and the number of times it receives footfalls.

The carpets get dirty quickly

Many people go through doormats in a day. They do it several times a day. The consequence is that the carpet picks up dust and dirt. Moreover, knowing the absorbent properties of carpets, it goes without saying that it is inevitable that they get dirty.

In reality, rugs are used primarily to keep places clean. Thus, they have the obligation to be stored at the entrance of a building or at the entrance of a room. In such circumstances, each person who wishes to enter a room or building has the obligation to clean his/her shoes on the doormat. This is done to keep the floor clean and tidy.

In other words, it means that whatever the rug, it has a tendency to get dirty every day. It is therefore not uncommon that in a few hours an impressive amount of dust and sand has accumulated. This implies that it is necessary to maintain the carpet as often as possible. To avoid excessive accumulation of particles.

Carpet maintenance

There are many ways of maintaining a carpet, but you need to proceed with the one, which cleans the carpet without damaging it. There is one classic technique, which involves lifting the carpet and smashing it against the wall or hang it on a thick rope and hit it with a rod to bring the dust and other filth out of the carpet.

You can also clean your carpet with a mixture of water and soap. However, be careful not to apply bleach to your carpet as it may drip. Once you have finished cleaning your carpet, you must dry it, so as to be able to use it again.

Do not forget that carpet cleaning should be regular. Thus, it would be better to perform this operation several times a week. If this is not the case, your carpet may well have a reduced usage time of a few years. Maintenance is, therefore, an essential step to keep your carpet usable for a long time.